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Hungarian Government Opposes Single EU Carbon Price Tax

| 2021-08-16 < 1 min read

Hungarian Government Opposes Single EU Carbon Price Tax

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The Hungarian government is opposed to the introduction of a single EU carbon price and extension of the EU’s Emissions Trading System to households, namely buildings and the transport sector, according to state secretary for the Development of Circular Economy, Energy and Climate Policy, Attila Steiner, who noted that the automotive industry plays a key role in the Hungarian economy and overall in Europe.

“In our pursuit to achieve emission reduction targets, it is important to find a balance between climate protection, the economy, the competitiveness of the European car industry and meeting the mobility needs of the society,” Steiner said. “There must be neutrality in the evaluation of technologies when restructuring the automotive industry.” Hungary’s National Battery Industry Strategy, which aims to make Hungary a crucial element in the European battery value chain, he explained, is now being elaborated.

State secretary Steiner opined that a GDP/person approach and proportionality should be maintained when setting emissions targets for member states.

At present, only 2% of the quotas provided by the Modernization Funds to finance green investments are currently being used in Central & Eastern Europe, but this should be increased to 6%, according to the state secretary.