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Pfizer sues Poland over vaccine deal

| 2023-11-27 < 1 min read

Pfizer sues Poland over vaccine deal

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US pharmaceutical firm Pfizer has initiated legal proceedings against the Polish government, asserting that it failed to fulfil payment obligations for some 60mn doses of its COVID-19 vaccine.

The litigation, scheduled for its preliminary court hearing on December 6, centres around the contentious contract between Pfizer and the European Commission (EC) in 2021. Initially, 1.8bn doses were ordered under the agreement, but this was lowered to 1.1bn.

Pfizer, which developed the vaccine with BioNTech, aims to hold Poland accountable for the contract, which was formalised in May 2021. Then in April 2022, Poland declared its intention to cease the receipt of an additional 60mn vaccines, citing a force majeure clause.

Pfizer alleges a breach of contract concerning COVID-19 vaccines with Poland and seeks compensation amounting to PLN 6bn (approximately EUR 1.38bn).

The lawsuit will pose a significant challenge for the incoming administration expected to be helmed by Donald Tusk, who won the Polish general election last month.

Polish Health Minister Katarzyna Sojka said “These are lawsuits to be brought internationally. However, there is light, we are not alone in this issue, because there are more countries in the EU that have a similar problem… there is hope that Pfizer’s demands in this form will not be fulfilled.” She added that there is hope that the dispute will be resolved “in a positive way”.