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Lithuania-Poland Gas Link to Diversify Baltic Sources

| 2021-09-29 < 1 min read

Lithuania-Poland Gas Link to Diversify Baltic Sources

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If licensing doesn’t hold things up, the construction of an interconnector designed to help countries around the Baltic Sea diversify their sources of natural gas is scheduled to begin deliveries in the second half of 2022, according to Lithuania’s energy minister, Dainius Kreivys. Once completed, the pipeline will connect the gas grids of Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Finland to Poland’s, meaning those countries will be tapped into Europe’s continental gas grid.

This will make for diversification of sources of gas in the Baltics, complementing LNG deliveries to Klaipeda, Lithuania, and Russian gas from Gazprom. The deeper integration of those gas markets, said Kreivys, will open up the prospect of Lithuania’s LNG terminal being able to sell gas to Poland, which is planning on ceasing the use of Russian sources of natural gas.

“We will become a part of a huge, integrated Central European market, demand for gas continues to grow in the region, and at the same time we expect Russian gas imports through Ukraine to get curtailed significantly”, Kreivys said.

Source: Reuters

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