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Hungary’s PM Allegedly Pledges Allegiance to EU

| 2021-09-06 < 1 min read

Hungary’s PM Allegedly Pledges Allegiance to EU

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Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orbán, allegedly pledged his allegiance to the European Union and admitted that Hungary is not likely to receive EU COVID-19 recovery funding on time at this past weekend’s “Kötcse” political picnic, an annual closed-circle gathering of people close to the government.

According to sources in attendance, Orbán praised the EU for having provided the “most livable framework” for Hungarians in recent decades, nevertheless saying, “the challenges ahead are enormous.” Although it is clear that most countries benefit from EU membership, the eurozone is “struggling,” according to him. The prime minister also admitted that there is a possibility that Hungary will not receive the EUR 7 billion it is entitled to from the EU’s Rescue and Recovery Fund (RRF), due to ongoing disputes with the European Commission – but he reassured his audience that the necessary resources to boost the economy will be available in the national budget.

Orbán is alleged to have said, “Even if the EU disintegrates, we will be among the last ones there, to hold the last beam and work to stop and reverse the disintegration.”

Analysts are calling his statement an about-face in the communication coming the government, which lately has grown increasingly critical of the EU, with some members even questioning the importance of belonging to the community. Orbán and some of his ministers have now pledged allegiance to the EU, trying to dismiss speculation that Hungary would at some point leave the Union.

Source: Telex