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EC Approves Slovakia’s Recovery Plan

| 2021-06-22 < 1 min read

EC Approves Slovakia’s Recovery Plan

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The European Commission has approved the economic Recovery and Resilience Plan submitted by Slovakia, which was among the first EU member states to present how it intends to spend EUR 6.3 billion in Union funds on things like education, healthcare and the environment.

EC president Ursula von der Leyen complimented Slovakia’s submission, calling it “ambitious.” It is the 5th member state plan to be approved.

In judging countries’ plans, the Commission mandates that their planned investments and reforms be based on an approach that is both green and includes digital transformation while also promoting economic growth and job creation. New renewable energy capacities, and the greening of private and public buildings are two green aspects to be realized, while investments in e-governance are an element of Slovakia’s pursuit of digitalization.

Now, the European Council needs to give its final approval of Slovakia’s plan.

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