Bulgaria’s ITN wants to join ECR party family

| 2023-12-04 < 1 min read

Bulgaria’s ITN wants to join ECR party family

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Bulgarian populist formation There Is Such a People (ITN) has declared its intention to align with the centre-right European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) if it wins seats at the EU elections next June. Formed 2 years ago and currently polling at around 5%, ITN stands a real chance of securing at least 1 of the 17 seats designated for Bulgarian MEPs.

ITN’s caucus leader, Toshko Yordanov, emphasised the party’s role in combatting Euroscepticism, at the opening of the sixth “Western Balkans” conference in Sofia, claiming that a higher representation of conservative voices in the EU would “normalise discourse”.

Conservatism aligns with the “ideology of common sense”, Yordanov said, underlining principles such as economic freedom and traditional family values.

Other parties navigate shifting landscape

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), aiming for 2 to 3 MEP seats meanwhile revealed plans to form a patriotic network with various Russophile and patriotic groups, potentially including ECR member VRMO.

However, the Party of European Socialists (PES) voiced readiness to take action against its Bulgarian member, BSP, if it proceeds with a coalition involving pro-Russian, nationalist parties. PES Secretary General Giacomo Filibeck indicated potential exclusion, raising concerns about a shift towards Euroscepticism in Bulgarian parliamentary representation, Euractiv wrote.

Vazrazhdane (Revival), the largest anti-European party in Bulgaria, anticipates securing at least 20% of the vote and is establishing connections with Germany’s far-right AfD. The political landscape in Bulgaria therefore appears poised for significant realignment ahead of the EU elections.