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Baltic states urge u-turn on Nord Stream 2

| 2021-12-03 < 1 min read

Baltic states urge u-turn on Nord Stream 2

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With Russian troops amassing at Ukraine’s eastern border, negative sentiments toward the Nord Stream 2 (NS2), both within Germany and among its allies in Central and Eastern Europe, are emerging, Newsweek writes.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are urging the incoming German coalition to reconsider the gas pipeline, which the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry says is aimed at creating discord in Europe. The ministry told Newsweek: “Nord Stream 2 is not about diversification of gas supply sources, but rather about deepening energy dependence of the European Union on Russia.” the ministry said. To increase energy security, Estonia’s Foreign Ministry is urging Germany to pursue energy diversification and help reduce member states’ dependence on fossil fuels.

Opponents of NS2 say the natural gas pipeline offers Russian President Vladimir Putin a political tool for holding Europe hostage, jeopardising Europe’s energy security while cutting Ukraine out of Russia’s natural gas supply routes to Europe. Supporters of NS2 believe it can deliver a reliable supply of natural gas to Germany, providing potential relief amid an energy crisis.

Construction of the USD10.75 billion pipeline was recently completed and it is now under review by German regulators. If approved, it would commence gas transit to Germany from next year.

All three parties in Germany’s incoming coalition are skeptical of the pipeline, in stark contrast to the Merkel government which strongly supported NS2. The Green Party particularly opposes the project and has even questioned its adherence under EU regulations. Incoming Chancellor Olaf Scholz, a Social Democrat, says if NS2 is weaponised, it will be shut down.

Source: Newsweek