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Czech Police Suggest Indicting PM Babis

| 2021-06-01 < 1 min read

Czech Police Suggest Indicting PM Babis

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Czech prime minister Andrej Babiš should be indicted over charges of fraud involving European Union subsidies, according to a recommendation by Czechia’s national police, who made their announcement about Babiš on Monday. Prosecutors there said they had received an updated police investigation into his alleged involvement in fraud estimated to total USD 2 million. It’s now up to those prosecutors to decide whether to file charges against the PM or not.

This is the second time the Czech Police have recommended that Babis should be indicted over fraud. Two years ago a prosecutor decided to drop the case. That previous decision was later overturned by chief prosecutor Pavel Zeman arguing, as there was not enough evidence to either press or drop the charges. Following Zeman’s decision, how long it would take the prosecution to reevaluate a case with 34,000 pages of documentation remained an outstanding question.

Source: Euronews