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State Secretary Sees Huge Changes for Hungary’s Energy Sector

| 2021-05-10 < 1 min read

State Secretary Sees Huge Changes for Hungary’s Energy Sector

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The Hungarian government is working on its National Clean Development Strategy, which would set frameworks for achieving the 2050 climate targets, sais Attila Steiner, State Secretary for the Development of the Circular Economy, Energy and Climate Policy of Hungary’s Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM). He underlined that Hungary needs to prepare for large-scale changes in energy, including a reassessment of the role of natural gas, and support for solar energy and its integration into the energy system. A solution has to be found for energy storage.

The government is also working on the country’s hydrogen strategy, which should be ready soon. Emissions are still high in the transport sector, the state secretary admitted, but the government is introducing new, alternative technologies to the public, like the Green Bus Program. Furthermore, electromobility solutions are being worked out in the Ányos Jedlik Plan, although Steiner said he was in favor of technology neutrality, as it is not yet clear which solution will be the “winner” in the long run.