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Vučić rides out Russia controversy to retain power in Serbian elections

| 2022-04-04 < 1 min read

Vučić rides out Russia controversy to retain power in Serbian elections

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Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vučić declared victory in the country’s general elections on Sunday night, as pollsters estimated that he would secure almost 60% of the national presidential vote.

Vucic admitted that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had affected the campaign. However he added that Serbia has no plans to deviate from its balancing act between its own EU accession process and its close ties to Russia and China. 

“I can promise you that we will not throw Dostoevsky out the window and Tchaikovsky out of the opera. Serbia will try to maintain partnership and friendly relations with Russia,” Vučić said on Sunday evening.

Serbia is almost entirely dependent on Russia for its gas supplies, while its military has ties with Russia’s, Al Jazeera noted. 

Vucic’s Serbian Progressive Party won 43.6% local pollsters estimated with 68.4% of the votes counted. Opposition party United for Victory took 12.8%, just ahead of the Socialists with 11.6%.

Meanwhile three other right-wing parties will also enter Parliament: NADA, which garnered 5.4%, Dveri (4) and Zavetnici (3.9). Green party We Must (Moramo) also made it over the parliamentary threshold, securing 4.3% of the vote, according to estimates.

Human rights NGOs accuse Vučić of a corrupt, nepotistic and autocratic governing style, as well as controlling the media and attacking political rivals, allegations that he denies.