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University of Belgrade Exits Top 500 Uni List

| 2021-08-20 < 1 min read

University of Belgrade Exits Top 500 Uni List

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If you’re looking for a high-ranking university that enjoys the esteem of a Harvard, Stanford or Oxford there are better places to look than in the western Balkan countries, where one higher education institution has fallen out of a top 500 universities ranking. Emerging Europe reports that now not even the University of Belgrade makes the Academic Ranking of World Universities Top 500, having been dropped from the list, no schools in the western Balkans have placed in the top 500. The University of Belgrade has typically landed between 4-500 since 2012, but sat at 284th place in 2017.

The editor of a science magazine in Serbia says that the University of Belgrade is no longer among the top 500 due to the institution’s lack of scientific research as not enough money being invested in sciences. An 8-year-long plagiarism scandal at the University involving Serbia’s finance minister probably isn’t helping the schools reputation, either.

Also known as the “Shanghai Ranking,” the ratings system, which takes a number of factors into consideration and has been conducted since 2003.

Source: Emerging Europe