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Russia Prepares to Supply Europe with Hydrogen

| 2021-07-26 < 1 min read

Russia Prepares to Supply Europe with Hydrogen

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Russia is ready to supply Europe with what it considers the energy of the future: hydrogen. According to media reports, Russia immediately saw an opportunity to replace the oil and natural gas sales it makes to the EU, which will decline in the forthcoming decades, with deliveries of hydrogen. The infrastructure to do that is already available:  the Nord Stream 1/2, Turk Stream, Blue Stream, and Balkan Stream natural gas pipelines. But experts question whether Russia is technologically ready to provide hydrogen instead of natural gas.

According to the Russian Ministry of Energy’s roadmap to 2024, the country’s three energy giants: Rosatom, which coordinates the nuclear industry, and its two natural gas companies, Novatek and Gazprom, will play key roles in the process. Russia intends to remain an invaluable energy supplier for Germany, experts say.



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