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Montenegro Sees More Covid Cases, More Tourists

| 2021-07-29 < 1 min read

Montenegro Sees More Covid Cases, More Tourists

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Coronavirus cases are on the rise in Montenegro, a popular destination in Europe whose economy depends on tourism. With only 33% of the population vaccinated, the country’s health authorities say there are currently 986 active cases of COVID-19, and that new infections may increase in the near future.

A recent trend points to that possibility: In the last couple of weeks, the number of new infections per 100,000 residents there has more than doubled, from 50 to 134. More foreign visitors could contribute to spread of the virus, as Montenegro does not require a negative PCR test or proof of vaccination from incoming travelers.

Earlier this year, the country’s health minister said Montenegro would foot the healthcare costs of those tourists who came down with covid on their visit. Meanwhile, the ministry has also placed restrictions on indoor and public gatherings.

Source: Balkan Insight