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Gazprom gives Moldova two more days to pay off natgas debt

| 2021-11-25 < 1 min read

Gazprom gives Moldova two more days to pay off natgas debt

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Natural gas shipments should continue to flowing to Moldova, as Gazprom has given Chisinau two more days to pay off what the country owes the giant Russian gas supplier. Earlier, Gazprom had threatened to close off the taps because of Moldova’s debt of EUR 74 million, an amount covering the country’s deliveries for this month and last.

Earlier this week, Chisinau missed the Monday payment deadline, and officials there requested an extra week from Gazprom to settle their debt. Moldova’s Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu said Gazprom is allowing for payment by this Friday (an extra two days from the original Wednesday deadline).

A Gazprom spokesman said that by making an exception and agreeing not to cut off gas to Moldova, it was showing goodwill and understanding for the country’s citizens.

In October, Moldova and Russia agreed to extend a long-term contract by five years, but Gazprom had raised its price by three times and the sides were unable to reach an agreement. Faced with a possible shortage of gas before winter, Moldova reached out to Poland for one million cubic metres of gas, the first time the country had ever received delivery of non Russia-sourced gas.

Source: AP