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Taiwan could supply Europe with chips, eyes central Europe

| 2021-11-26 < 1 min read

Taiwan could supply Europe with chips, eyes central Europe

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Taiwan could help alleviate Europe’s semiconductor shortage by setting up manufacturing operations in central Europe. With a reputation as a tech heavyweight, the autonomous island claimed by mainland China is host to numerous electronic component manufacturers.

In October, the head of Taiwan’s National Development Council, Kung Ming-hsin, said that Czechia, Slovakia and Lithuania had all expressed interest in cooperating on chip production. Following his recent visits to those countries, he said there were plans to set up working groups for deciding on how to proceed. Meanwhile, Taipei has been grateful to Prague and Vilnius for their support against Chinese political pressure.

Around the world, auto production lines and consumer electronics manufacturing have been hampered by a global shortage of microchips.

Brussels has been courting Taiwanese chip manufacturers to address shortages in Europe, and a European Commission strategy aims to involve Taiwan’s involvement.

Source: Reuters