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Most Poles Would Remain in the EU

| 2021-09-13 < 1 min read

Most Poles Would Remain in the EU

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According to a recent poll conducted by a TV news channel in Poland, 81% of those surveyed believe the country should remain in the European Union, in contrast to sentiments expressed by ruling party politicians. And only 7% of survey participants said they opposed Poland staying in the EU, according to TVN24’s survey on the matter.

Last week, senior member of the ruling party Law and Justice (PiS) party Ryszard Terlecki made a statement about tailoring the EU so that it was “acceptable” to Poland; otherwise, it would need to look for “drastic solutions,” insinuating that Poland might leave the Union.

Head of the opposition group Civic Coalition Donald Tusk has pointed out that such continual statements undermine the country’s EU membership.

Source: THEfirstNEWS