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Commission Proposes “Joint Cyber Unit”

| 2021-06-26 < 1 min read

Commission Proposes “Joint Cyber Unit”

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With Europe having seen several cyberattacks in recent months, like the ransomware attack on Ireland’s healthcare agencies, or the hacking of the European Banking Authority, the European Commission has come up with a proposal for what it is calling the “Joint Cyber Unit,” (JCU) designed to coordinate efforts and share information among EU member states to monitor and detect national and cross-border cyberattack threats. The EU’s Agency for Cybersecurity would head the JCU.

In one year’s time, the Commission will issue a report on who will do what in the JCU, which would entail rapid reaction teams for how to respond to massive cyberattacks and recover from them, and the European Council will have the final say on its creation. Experts say cybercriminals operate with impunity, making coordinated political involvement a must for defending against their activities.

Source: Bankinfosecurity