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Digital Marketing Act Too Weak, say Member States

| 2021-05-28 < 1 min read

Digital Marketing Act Too Weak, say Member States

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Lawmakers in some of the most influential EU member states say the Union’s Digital Marketing Act (DMA), set to regulate the actions of tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Google, is simply too weak.

A coalition of Germany, France and the Netherlands recently submitted a letter in which they express their belief that the EU’s proposed regulation is particularly toothless when it comes to the acquisition of start-ups by the aforementioned corporations, a move typical for such enterprises when they want to eliminate competition from smaller competitors. The letter’s signatories, who call themselves the “Friends of an effective DMA, say the draft legislation moves too slowly and is unable to enforce the rules.

While member states appear to be taking matters into their own hands when it comes to tech, the EU’s top digital regulator Margrethe Vestager has countered that the EU Commission has come out against Facebook vying to acquire a health and education chatbot company called Kustomer, among similar actions.

Source: Politico