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Bulgarians not enthusiastic about Euro

| 2021-10-15 < 1 min read

Bulgarians not enthusiastic about Euro

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Around 58% of Bulgarians oppose adoption of the Euro as their country’s currency, according to a poll conducted by Trend Agency. Just 21% would back their country joining the Eurozone, while the same percentage are undecided on the matter, the Bulgarian pollster found.

Some 71% of respondents said Euro adoption would lead to price hikes, while 65% indicated that the state has never provided sufficient information on the impact entering the Eurozone would have in Bulgaria. This might explain why nearly a third of respondents did not express a clear opinion to most of the questions in the survey, according to the pollster, which conducted the survey in September. Asked how Bulgaria would change after it adopts the euro, 47% replied “for the worse” while 19% said “for the better”, 15% said “nothing will change”, and 19% “did not know”.