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Latvia, Estonia choose location for giant wind farm

| 2022-10-28 < 1 min read

Latvia, Estonia choose location for giant wind farm

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Estonia’s Sõrve peninsula area looks set to be the location for the major Estonian-Latvian hybrid offshore wind farm project ‘Elwind’, according to a feasibility study.  

The total capacity of the planned project will be 700MW to 1GW, and annually will provide over 3 TWh of energy, improving energy security and lowering prices. According to plans, the offshore wind installation will become operational by 2030.

The Sorve peninsular/ Source: Google Maps

Estonia Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Riina Sikkut said the study had selected the Sõrve peninsula, on the island of Saaremaa, for two reasons: preferable wind and ice conditions, and its distance from the habitats of seals, marine creatures and bird migration routes.

“We are happy that after thorough analyses we have again taken a step forward regarding the establishment of the Estonian-Latvian offshore wind farm,” Sikkut said. 

Before pinpointing the Sõrve peninsula, Latvia announced plans for a wind farm in the larger Courland (Kurzeme) maritime area in mid-September.

The Baltic countries will now jointly prepare for work to begin and call a construction tender. Their respective economy ministries as well as development and energy agencies will assess and oversee Elwind.