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Romania Aims to Boost Vaccination With Campaign

| 2021-09-01 < 1 min read

Romania Aims to Boost Vaccination With Campaign

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Amid the growing COVID-19 Delta variant threat in Europe, the Romanian government wants to boost its vaccination campaign. Currently, Romania, along with Bulgaria, has one of the lowest vaccination rates across the European Union with only 26.3% of the population fully vaccinated.

With the school year about to start, Bucharest is planning to open vaccination centers at universities and provide them with mobile vaccination teams. The plan is to administer COVID-19 vaccines to both students and teachers along with their families. Schools in Romania are scheduled to be reopened on 13 September, and the government is not planning for online education unless the pandemic situation worsens drastically.

The national vaccination campaign’s coordinator, Valeriu Gheorghita, told the press that the vaccination campaign is intended to last for about two months.

Source: Euractiv