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NATO: China an Emerging Threat

| 2021-06-15 < 1 min read

NATO: China an Emerging Threat

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China poses security challenges to NATO, which will engage the country to address them, according to an official statement from the organization following US president Joe Biden’s first NATO summit as president on 14 June. The Atlantic defense alliance also recognized Beijing’s nuclear military buildup as a threat. Observers say the US president’s approach is about working more closely with allies to push back against China.

Still, some of NATO’s smaller members, like those in Central & Eastern Europe, still see Russia as their greatest threat – that deterrence should be NATO’s chief concern. In that regard, President Biden did meet with the president of Poland, which hosts a large US military contingent intended to deter Russia. NATO members also agreed to use their means to counter disinformation campaigns, many of which are alleged to have emanated in recent years from Moscow.

Source: CNBC