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Member States Submit Plans for EU Recovery Funds

| 2021-05-03 < 1 min read

Member States Submit Plans for EU Recovery Funds

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The European Commission has now received 13 national plans for how EU countries plan on spending pandemic recovery funds from the EU, which has allotted EUR 672.5 – roughly half grants, half loans – to help economies recover and foster zero-carbon public investment projects.

While such plans have been received from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Spain, within Central & Eastern Europe, only Slovakia and Slovenia have submitted their plans for the funding. The month of April was the deadline for filing proposals, and the EC received eight of them over the weekend.

In relation to that, Poland’s National Recovery Plan is set to be debated in the country’s lower house of parliament on Tuesday.

After receiving the plans, the Commission has two months to evaluate member states’ proposals, determining whether at least 37% of the investments go towards net-zero investments and reforms.